Got bored and wrote some Lockdown Tunes.. got carried away and did 3 albums, God I love writing songs! 🙂

  1. Safe Soul
  2. I Risked my life for a French Fry
  3. Troubles
  4. Doctors and Nurses
  5. (Dreaming of) Dancing
  6. Lockdown
  7. Braver Than Me
  8. Alive
  9. Then You Came Along (Yeah Right)
  10. Kiss the Blues Goodbye

At The Coal Face

  1. Down The Pit
  2. Small Town World
  3. Will I See You Again
  4. Don’t Talk To Me About Love
  5. Timeout Number Eleven
  6. Shut Down Mining Town
  7. Old Fashioned Song
  8. Only Love (Has The Answer)
  9. Jackpot Girl
  10. The Madness

This album is a return to form after The Last Lost Poet which I thought was just par. It’s an ode to my family who were miners. Luckily I’m not.