Celebrity Smoothie Aswell

  1. Not a Normal Man (SW)
  2. That’s How True Love Grows (RD)
  3. Proud to be British (JK)
  4. Love’s Deeper Than Hurt (IB)
  5. Timeout Number Twenty Two
  6. Can’t Be Bothered (LG)
  7. Music Changes (AF)
  8. Loves Come and Go (ATD)
  9. Never Felt Like Dying (AK)
  10. Trust Nothing but your own Experience (DB)

Guess the artists from their quotes! 🙂 3rd album in the trilogy.


Celebrity Smoothie Too

  1. If you Love your Life (PM)
  2. The Duty of Youth (KC)
  3. Love the Life you Live (BM)
  4. Born in the Sixties (JB)
  5. Timeout Number Twenty One
  6. Love Cannot Save you from your Own Fate (JM)
  7. Money Doesn’t Talk it Swears (BD)
  8. A Happy Girl (AW)
  9. I’m not a Poet (MP)
  10. Back it up and Try Again (JB)

Can you guess the artists?