Take Cover – 20 Cover songs


Take Cover
Covers abum including 2 nice Bob Dylan tracks. Its my favourite songs

This album took A LOT of work! Tombstone Blues which is nearly 7 minutes long took one take!! This is my favourite Dylan song. Followed closely by Girl From The North Country which took about 20 takes! I ended up having to have a few pints for that one! People have commented on the strumming which has a nice ring to it. Happy with the Oasis tracks, this album is basically my favourite songs by the artists so.. Out On The Weekend is my favourite Neil Young song, took a few takes and editing! I try and put my stuttering strum style (try saying that on a Friday night!) into the songs where possible. Prevalent on My Drug Buddy.. and A Day In The Life. The easiest song was Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg, and Groove Is In The Heart was pretty easy too.. that was class doing a version of that ! We used to listen to a lot of Stone Roses, found Standing Here a lot harder than predicted!! A lot of changes, even though basically only a few chords. I don’t know how I pulled off Half The World Away, how Noel wrote that I have no idea.. (a lot of chord changes!). Wanted to do more Bob Marley stuff, but it was hard finding songs that crossed over to acoustic from reggae. Plus I can’t sing a lot of his stuff. ? Why? I’m not sure. I could have done No Woman No Cry (which is becoming my motto lately!) maybe next time..

I play and sing at the same time (5 Gold Stars) so my I find doing things with my voice sometimes hard. I did try to change Where Did You Sleep Last Night a bit, hopefully Kurt would have liked it. I think he’d like a lot of my original stuff. I hope so anyway. Its mainly an ode to him in my own style. He’d probably hate Pennyroyal Tea as this was a straight copy of his version! Even the same break! Oh well!