The Same But Different

  1. Come Home To Me
  2. Come Home To Me
  3. Come Home To Me
  4. Come Home To Me
  5. Timeout Number Fourteen
  6. Come Home To Me
  7. Come Home To Me
  8. Come Home To Me
  9. Come Home To Me
  10. Come Home To Me

Album 68!!! Out – November 8th 2019!

Has anybody ever released an album where the lyrics are the same but the songs are different? They have now! 😉


Wrong Place Wrong Time

  1. Wrong place Wrong Time
  2. My Girlfriends
  3. The Nearest Thing To Love
  4. Two Way Love
  5. Timeout Number Thirteen
  6. Worst Case Scenario
  7. Look On The Bright Side
  8. Simplicity
  9. That Sinking Feeling
  10. Just For The Record

Album Number 67!!

At The Coal Face

  1. Down The Pit
  2. Small Town World
  3. Will I See You Again
  4. Don’t Talk To Me About Love
  5. Timeout Number Eleven
  6. Shut Down Mining Town
  7. Old Fashioned Song
  8. Only Love (Has The Answer)
  9. Jackpot Girl
  10. The Madness

This album is a return to form after The Last Lost Poet which I thought was just par. It’s an ode to my family who were miners. Luckily I’m not.