Beers And Beards

  1. Craft Ales and Cider Pots
  2. Drinking Again
  3. Beers and Beards
  4. Cheesy Sing-Song Song
  5. Timeout Number Nineteen
  6. Since 66 (World Cup Song)
  7. Fly Away
  8. Long Days
  9. If you can’t beat em join em
  10. Beers and Beards (Reprise)

Get amongst! Beers and Beards in Lockdown!

Beat Meat

  1. The Killing Houses
  2. Really Sharp Knife
  3. Animals Eat Animals
  4. God’s Will
  5. Timeout Number Eighteen
  6. No Gammon or Salmon
  7. Better For It
  8. Veggie Lasagne
  9. Petting Zoo
  10. When The Aliens Come To Eat Your Brains

Went Veggie in 2017 after seeing some facebook videos on slaughterhouses.. Pigs on conveyor belts not properly stunned (A bloke with a knife just stood there killing 1 per 3 seconds) and some even getting kicked in the face. Out of order.



Got bored and wrote some Lockdown Tunes.. got carried away and did 3 albums, God I love writing songs! 🙂

  1. Safe Soul
  2. I Risked my life for a French Fry
  3. Troubles
  4. Doctors and Nurses
  5. (Dreaming of) Dancing
  6. Lockdown
  7. Braver Than Me
  8. Alive
  9. Then You Came Along (Yeah Right)
  10. Kiss the Blues Goodbye